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Baked Tofu

Recipe Summary

Baked tofu is easy to make. This recipe is designed for making a fairly dry baked tofu to be used in pancit or stir fried vegetables.

Feel free to add other spices for more flavor, especially if you want to eat the baked tofu straight as a snack. If you want to use it for snacking (and it is great with hummus) then don’t bake it quite as much so it still has some moisture in it. Recipe makes 5 servings.


1 package firm tofu (14 to 16 ounces). Any tofu will work but the firm tofu has less water in it so it will take less time to bake down.

about ˝ cup basic sauce


Drain the liquid from the tofu and place on a cutting board with the broad side down. If the tofu came in a plastic tub, save this to marinate the tofu in. Cut the tofu into ¼ inch or slightly wider slices. You’ll end up with slices that measure about 2 by 4 by ¼ inches.

Fill the container you are using to marinate the tofu about ¼ to ½ way with basic sauce. The plastic tub the tofu came in works best since it will use the least marinade. Place the tofu slices one at a time into the tub making sure they each get a coating of basic sauce. When the tub is full of tofu add water so that the marinade covers the tofu. Swish the added water around with the basic sauce so that it is well mixed. Yes, this can be a little challenging with a full container of tofu, but do your best.

Let the tofu sit in the marinade overnight. If you are in a hurry you can use all basic sauce and no water (or less water) and let it sit for a shorter time. If you don’t want the tofu to be too salty, then use less basic sauce. The more you are planning to “dry” the tofu by baking longer the stronger the flavor will be. You can keep this in mind as you choose the proportion of basic sauce to water. If I am using the tofu in a dish I like to make it strong so that it actually is the “salt” for the dish. If I am eating it plain, I want it a little less salty.

Coat a baking sheet with cooking oil (olive oil, coconut oil, etc.). Lay each slice of tofu down on the sheet with a little room around each slice. Bake at 350° until the tops seem dry and brown (check at 45-60 minutes) then flip them over and bake until they are as dry as you want them. For pancit I like them almost moisture free. In fact the thinner ones will be crunchy.